To be a heritage of UNESCO site, Borobudur is a Buddhist temple located in the Magelang city, Central Java Province, about 40 km from the Yogyakarta city. Borobudur temple was built in the 9th century and has 10 level. In the each of the level, it has different meaning. However, the part of Borobudur temple consists of 6 levels in square form, 3 level in the form of circular and top level with main stupa. There are 72 main stupa and there is a statue of Buddha in each of the stupa. Ten levels of Buddhist philosophy is the ten levels of Bodhisattva life who should pass to reach the perfection called a Buddha in nirvana. The main stupa symbolizes the perfection located in the highest level. Looking it from above, Borobudur structure give a beautiful form called mandala structure that describes the patterns of Buddhist thought about humanity.

There are giant curving gate on the four side entrances of the temple and  there are stairs to a level like a pyramid. It describes the philosophy that all life came from rocks. The stone will became sand, a plant will be an insect, a wild animal, pet, will be a human. This life process is known as reincarnation in Buddist life. The final process is to be the soul moved into nirvana. Buddhist philosophy drawn on the curving reliefs and sculptures telling the whole part of Borobudur in every stage of enlightenment. Usually it called the process of human life.

Borobudur temple is a wonderful building which was just a giant pile of stone blocks. It has 42 meter high and made without using cement or adhesive. These stones are only connected with the pattern like a puzzle. The base of temple has a size 118 m on each side. Approximately it used 55,000 cubic meters of stones to build this temple fatherly. All the stone came from a river or volcano materials around Borobudur.

On the day of Vesak, Buddhist people gather to surround the temple of Borobudur. Even, people believed that this temple as a place of supernatural powers. According to the belief, the Buddha will appear at the top of the mountain exactly in the south during Vesak day.

Now, it has become a favorite tourist destination preferred by many visitors both local and foreign. However, Borobudur is one proof of the greatness and the human intellect has ever made in the world. Do not miss this place when you visit Indonesia.



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